She Said Manifest It

Last week I was having a convo with one of my friends, and we were talking about their new goals in life. In turn, I began sharing how I started and how I continued to push even when I didn’t want to. The age old battle between commitment and motivation. During that conversation, I realized that I have literally been manifesting the things I want by way of a meeting I have with my Sanager (my manager for my new fam) at the beginning of every year.

In 2016, she sat me down and said, “what do you want out of this year?” I answered and she wrote down what I said. It was honestly the first time I had done something like that so I was very restricted in my answers. I said things that I knew were already goals in the works. For example, in 2016 the UnPopular Movement launched, and I became an author that year. Easily one of the best periods of my life. There’s nothing more vulnerable and simultaneously exciting about handing over something you’ve placed so much of yourself into.

In 2017, I had more confidence in the process. I allowed myself to want more. Some of the things I wanted didn’t even seem practical. At the end of 2016, I was asked by Mystery Known (rapper) to do a spoken word piece on one of his tracks. I did, but had no idea when the project was coming out at the time. During the meeting I said, “I want to be on a song. I want to write again in whatever form that comes in.” Well, his album dropped in 2017 and I was on a track titled “Faith Walk.” Boom. Now I can be found on Spotify and Amazon (outside of my book lol). Also, at the end of that year, I co-wrote another project with a producer in Nashville. The singer on the hook of the track ended up wanting the whole song. At first I was like, sis, this is clearly for a rapper. Yet, ever the creative she basically said, “watch me work!”

In 2018, a dope song titled “Believer” by the beautiful Trisha Alicia dropped. I remember talking about it here briefly, but it’s crazy how something I really wanted in 2017 came at me not once, but twice. Not only did I get to do a small bit of spoken word on a song, but now I have writer creds on a project.

2018 was a weird year for me, I pressed pause on a lot of areas in my life. I still wrote behind the scenes, I was still doing open mics and private events as a speaker and spoken word artist. I was slowly getting my weight up in ministry, but very few of those things were being displayed to the world.

2019, I really just wanted to get back to who I was creatively, but that person had evolved, so my need for newness had to be on the same page. That year I began looking at my next book as a serious project. Wrote it out, formatted the project as a word document, ect. Although, now I had responsibilities in other areas and had to learn to balance everything in a healthy way.

Insert 2020. We had the meeting this year. I confessed what I wanted. It was written down for accountability purposes and I believe that even in the midst of what we’re looking at right now… God will get the glory out of this. My assignment has always been and will always be first to the Kingdom. I’m not going to list out everything I’m manifesting for this year, but I will say this. Every day I’m making purposeful strides in the direction I want to be in.

When she said, ‘Manifest It,’ I had no idea how instrumental that would be on the goals that I’ve tackled like a champ. So to you, my favorite reader! What are you manifesting? What are you holding yourself accountable for? What is someone else holding you accountable for? We’ve talked about accountability partners here before, but now more than ever when normal is shifting and realities are rapidly changing, what are you holding yourself accountable for?

Is it to have more patience? Is it to maintain a positive wellbeing? Is it to read more? To study more? To create? To relate? Is your only goal just to simply be in this moment? If it is, that’s okay. It’s going to be okay…

Moving forward I would love nothing more for you to look back at this moment and say, “I did it because I believed I could. I took this thought, this idea, this vision and I handed it to God and He handed it back to me as something I didn’t even know I needed.”

That my friends is how I feel often. Unworthy, undeserving, but throughly pleased at God’s justification for where He has me headed.

I will say this though, protect your dreams, they aren’t for everyone and people can’t hope against what they cannot see coming. Find your tribe, the ones that will tell you the truth in love and be there when you need nothing more that a sounding board.
I pray you all a wonderful journey for the road ahead, and I will continue to be the Hope dealer for as long as you need me to be. Always feel free to reach out…

Habakkuk 2:2 CSB

The Lord answered me:
Write down this vision;
clearly inscribe it on tablets
so one may easily read it.


Komplex Simplicity

To the reader, I love you.
To the creative, I am inspired by you.
To the thinker, I am learning from you.
To the doer, I am encouraged by your fearlessness.

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