Who Is Komplex?

Author • Poet/Lyricist/Spoken Word Artist • Podcast Host • Blogger

With a long background in music and performing, Komplex Simplicity started authoring books in 2016. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA she navigated her talents to Clarksville, TN and expanded into spoken word.

Using spoken word as a conduit, Komplex started the UNPOPULAR Movement, which reminds people to be whoever God created them to be, regardless of age, gender, or other societal norms.

She is a curious writer, exploring the things she observes in life with metaphors and beautiful word pictures. Her dynamic approach can be felt whether she’s speaking on the stage, or her words are written on a page. With every release Komplex hopes to enlighten truth while exploring topics and emotions everyone can relate to. Therefore making the complexities of our reality simple.

When she isn’t writing, Komplex enjoys photography, podcasting, and co-runs a clothing printing business, where she serves the needs of people who desire to express themselves through what they wear.

Feel free to check out all of her creative projects here.

If you desire to book Komplex for speaking engagements, please email her manager, Santanna Jackson at iamkomplexsimplicity@gmail.com

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