While you still have time…

Hey Fam!
You made it to Thursday! I hope your week has been smooth sailing, if not, I was already praying for you either way…
So, I’m a really horrible communicator outside of city limits. Like some of the people I love the most almost never hear from me. And it’s not because I’m too busy or I’m not thinking about them… I’m just horrible about picking up the phone!
I am trying to get better though because we aren’t promised tomorrow
If you’ve ever heard my poem in or out of touch, I have a line that says, “in all honesty my calendar reminds me to call my grandmother each week.” Which was probably one of the most honest and embarrassing things I’ve ever written. Mostly because it was also followed by the line, “often times I forget even then.” It makes me question if she even realizes how much I love and miss her!
I can always call my granny! I can call her when I’m happy or sad or angry. When I forgot how to make something. When I need to pretend I know how to make something. For advice that I don’t want, but she’ll give anyway. I love my granny to life! But she’ll probably never read this lol (although last week I mailed her like the first 20 blog post and a swag bag lol)
The point is… we don’t want to wait until it’s too late to tell the people we love how we really feel. How many people have passed away or moved away or moved ON because we weren’t expressive in how we feel? I’m not embarrassed now to say that my communication with my granny has been getting better (and more than once a week lol) but there are so many others that I adore, but never really reach out to. I wish they had a way for me to send an automatic message every time I thought about someone I care for (crazy right? lol)… but another thing I really used to struggle with is conversation… for example when I would meet someone new, but finally opening up has allowed me to find the words… and trust me it hasn’t been easy. But… once I decided to trust God to give me the words it just flowed from there. I’m all done today guys and gals! But really quick to my unnamed coworker who wouldn’t allow for the negativity last week when I forgot that one thing lol,  I heard you mention that you weren’t very positive today… unacceptable! lol just like you wouldn’t let me exude negativity I won’t let you =) be happy! Anyway friends and fam, I love you all and I leave you with this…

Colossians 4:5-6 (NLT)
5 Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity. 6 Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.

Thanks again, God bless and One love.
-Quellz (komplex simplicity)

P.S. whose going to One Accord’s live recording? I am (raises hand)

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2 thoughts on “While you still have time…

  1. Yes, good post. It is hard to keep in touch with family members or people you love at times and some reasons are different than others. But it’s also nice to talk to them even for a min to let them know there thought of. Thanks 🙂 a good reminder to reach out to who I love.


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