To Blessed Begginings

I'm aware of my reflection lol...
I’m aware of my reflection lol…

I’d just like to say THANK YOU to everyone who subscribes or checks in to my blog! It has been a month since my first post and I am ecstatic at the response I have received. You all have been awesome and a continuous encouragement!

Early on I talked about being a dreamer and not letting anyone stop you from living your dreams. This is a part of my dream so it doesn’t matter if I have 5 readers or 500, I’m extremely blessed to be making part of my dream become a reality. So, for those of you who read Dear Dreamer and enjoyed it or for those of you who are here for the poetry… or all of thee above! This is for you… Thanks again!


It’s Difficult, being a unique individual

when the conformity of the world is clouding up your visual

they’re focused on my cuticles but my mentals on the vision though

because I too dream in color.

Watching the vivid images flicker past my closed eyes

forcing myself to sleep so I view the pictures one more time

Always been a dreamer, but I know deep down that this is different,

because a dream is just a dream unless you put effort into it

Sometimes I find myself asking is it a blessing or a curse

not having a talent or having one and not using it, I don’t know what’s worse

I don’t want to be like the dude from Matthew, who took his master’s talent and buried them bc he felt he had to

I don’t want to hoard my talents, I just want to share them

if one person connects then that’s one better person on this planet

Connection, is that what we’re looking for

to be the one, and find the one that you’ve been looking for

this too is not a dream

For I have seen two hearts collide and become one if I’m not mistaken

I’ve seen children born and lives being taken,

arguments going back and forth like the ball at the US Open

grandparents issuing warnings and wise words being spoken

for this too is my reality

Weighing heavy like gravity

Knowing my current circumstances are not a have to be

And actually, I say this very passionately and not factually

That my subconscious knows what’s happening

And without trying to get into it metaphysically

My dreams are like a separate entity, yet it lives deep in me

Currently seeking to tear down the division line

That is inside

So that my dreams and realities are aligned,

of course on God’s time, they will collide

Regardless, here is what I find…

dreaming and not following up on my dreams

That’s what I’m not going to do

Just gotta focus better on my path to see the way through.

Thanks again, God bless and One love

-Quellz (komplex simplicity)

Published by iamkomplexsimplicity

God is Simple. Life is Komplex. Author. Poet. Spoken Word Artist. Blogger. Lyricist.

5 thoughts on “To Blessed Begginings

  1. I secretly get excited when I check my email and get the notification that you made a post. Keep dreaming and make those dreams come to life. 2k4sk!! Love ya always

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