You Are…

This has nothing to do with her =) Just really love this picture!
This has nothing to do with her =) Just really love this picture!

Freaked out
But you tell the world you’re fine right, but that’s not how I see it so…
You can say what you want
But your eyes don’t lie
Speak from your mouth that you’re okay
I can tell you want to cry
See, daddy never told you how beautiful you are
And, momma never told you that you’re taking it too far, look
You won’t reach your peak steady maxing out those credit cards
And hanging out at those clubs won’t help you find a real star
Yo reality is crashing
But you’re content with imagining
Tryna get attention from those arch yo back challenges
They say you learn from your mistakes but you don’t want to remember
Don’t want to let them see you down
Better grab your concealer
You don’t have to hide from me,
I can truly see your soul
And the lie that is your life
I can see its getting old
You know you need some help but don’t want to seem like a wimp
Put your pride to the side, I can see your inner strength
Playing down your intellect and dealing with the disrespect
While you pushing out your all
And receiving nothing but neglect
It ain’t right
That you cry yourself to sleep so many nights
And, deal with phone calls from ex girls trying to fight
And, I almost believed that last smile but not quite
Bc your eyes are getting dimmer cause you’re shutting out the light
Spirit of a country girl, but was raised in the city
Clever, bright, brilliant, witty
Who put him in a position to make you feel so TLC’S unpretty?
No one! So if you hear nothing else,
Please hear this, light skinned or brown skinned, Girl you are exquisite.
You are a woman who will one day be a priority to a man, not some fly by night operation but the center of his plans
You are the mother of the next generation, not a vessel simply used for quick deep penetration
You are a gift to the lives you touch, no stories go untold, giving others around you reasons to hold on
You are the source of an inner glow equivalent to the sun, the definition of the woman in  Proverbs 31…
When you’re ready I’ll reintroduce you to someone who can truly heal you
Who already knows your heart and your mind set too
Now I didn’t say it would be easy bc I know that’s not true
Just stay focused on the growth like I know you want to
You are beautiful, and that beauty comes from inside
You are a God fearing woman who no longer has to hide…
You are endless possibilities, I know this to be true
You are loved but besides God, no one can love you like you
You are…

Lamentations 3: 25-26 (NLT)

The Lord is good to those who depend on him,
    to those who search for him. So it is good to wait quietly
    for salvation from the Lord.

Thanks again, God bless and One love.
-Quellz (komplex simplicity)

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God is Simple. Life is Komplex. Author. Poet. Spoken Word Artist. Blogger. Lyricist.

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