The UNPOPULAR Movement

What is the UNPOPULAR Movement?

The UNPOPULAR Movement was founded by its fearless leader, Komplex Simplicity in 2016. It began with one scripture, Matthew 16:26. Shortly after the movement started, the use of UNPOPULAR began appearing on shirts, as a bold statement, testifying of the refusal to live like the rest of the world. Shortly after that, the UNPOPULAR Movement released Chapter 1, a release of t shirts and hoodies based off the idea that it could all be so simple if we just let go and let God.

Being UNPOPULAR is about choosing to live righteously, regardless of what the world says. It’s about knowing who you are and being confident enough to walk in your purpose. It’s about choosing to walk the path that God has created for you. It’s about being who you were created to be… It’s about being a light, a dreamer, and taking responsibility for the words you speak…

Speak responsibly and righteously, dream up the impossible, go do what others deemed impossible and through it all, remain yourself. Encourage your sisters and brothers, activate your self control, walk in confidence, on faith, in your purpose, and proudly label yourself UNPOPULAR.

We understand the balance of Kingdom and culture, knowing that only one is predicated on the other. So while some designs boast of urban appeal, it is always rooted in scripture.

Why I choose to label myself UNPOPULAR?

When I made the decision to follow Christ, many people told me I was different and that I had changed, as if it was a bad thing. I have learned to be comfortable with who I am and I won’t allow what others deem popular to cause me to be anything other than who I am called to be.

This movement isn’t for adults and it isn’t for kids, it’s for everyone. Did I set out to start a movement initially, no, I simply chose to label myself so others would stop trying to. If I had to sum up the movement in one line it would be this, I’d rather be popular with God than popular with the world, and if that makes me UNPOPULAR then so be it.

What is the Land of UnPopularity?

It’s where we dwell! It’s a safe space to be who you are, unjudged by your belief. A place where you can grab and give encouragement.

Feel free to support the UNPOPULAR Movement by purchasing apparel here.

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