Kingdom over Culture

“Everywhere we look around we’re told that the Kingdom isn’t “as cool.” Yeah it’s okay to believe in God, but if it requires “too much” then it’s doing “too much”… but why? Who said that?”

Over It — Explained

Hey Fam, It’s Wednesday morning, and I pray that all is well. In case you haven’t seen via my social media pages, this Thursday kicks off the “Over It” series, where I’ll be highlighting some issues. I don’t want to say too much to give it away, but “Over It” stands for something over somethingContinue reading “Over It — Explained”

On Purpose…

Ultimately it’s up to us to:
1. Discover our talents
2. Use those talents to discover our purpose
3. Be relentless in our efforts to build up God’s kingdom through said purpose, and
4. Not grow weary when it gets tough. No one said it would be easy… but they also didn’t say it would be impossible (and if they did… they were wrong!)