Beenies & Bow Ties

I love this kid!
I love this kid!

A few days ago I’m at work hanging out with a few of the kids knitting beenies (bc a friend who shall remain nameless refuses to make them for me anymore!) Anyway, it’s like the “thing” to do right now at the job with the kids. So I’m talking to this one girl who is VERY excited about finishing her first beenie and she goes “look Ms. Rock, now I can wear beenies just like you, but instead of beenies and glasses, I’m going to wear beenies and bow ties.” Now being the person I am, I’m proud that she finally finished after 3 days and that she’s excited about taking a snippet of my style to mix with hers to create something new, bc I’m all for individuality… but then she goes, “so, why are you a tomboy?” Inside I’m thinking “what! Where’d that come from?” But I eventually ask “why do you think I’m a tomboy?” Long story short, she basically explains to me that I’m one bc I don’t wear make up everyday, wear short shorts, or sometimes my earrings are missing.
So here’s the thing… I don’t like labels, some labels can be good but just in general, for me it’s no bueno. The idea of being thrown into a group when many of my qualities are outside of the box is mind-boggling to me. And conformity makes me cringe! Granted I go to a job everyday that helps someone else’s dream come true, I’m the type of person that won’t do something if I really don’t want to do it. Anyway…back to the whole labels thing. In college we learned about something called the labeling theory, which basically says self-identity and behavior of individuals can be determined or influenced by the words used to describe or classify them. Sort of like a stereotype. So when someone immediately tries to classify me I get really rebellious about it. (I’m working on that lol)
My sense of style is about being comfortable. I’m not a dress, short shorts, and skirt kind of girl because to me it’s not comfortable! But I do it… when I want to!
Dress is similar to art that way. Your body is like a canvas, and on first glance people tend to judge what you have on. Taking a glance without willing to dig deeper.
I wear beenies bc I like the way I look in them and bc knitting is actually becoming a favorite hobby of mine and I like to display my work =)
But really, if you can’t be comfortable with who you are… that’s not living, that’s existing… and that, I refuse to do. So many are concerned with the way they are perceived, but it really shouldn’t be that way. If you can’t be you for you, why should I believe you are who you present for me… just saying.
Be who you are at all times, and if you lose a few people along the way, they really weren’t meant to be there anyway. Sometimes it takes being who you are to encourage others to truly be who they are. And as Mrs. Hall said last night during the youth explosion, “you weren’t born to fit in, you were born to stand out!”
Happy Saturday Friends! Have a safe, blessed and wonderful weekend. I leave you with this…

1 Peter 3:3-4 NLT
3 Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. 4 You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.

Thanks again, God bless and One love.
-Quellz (komplex simplicity)

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4 thoughts on “Beenies & Bow Ties

  1. I like that!!! Tomboy though so funny! I believe that is the most important thing to do in life is to never follow under the typical way of living and create YOU, because no one can say oh your just like her or you just like him. Keep them coming lady!! Happy Saturday

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